Solutions and Support for Soulopreneurs

The secret ingredient for creating a flourishing business. . . support for the heart and soul behind the business - yes, YOU!

Let’s face it, many small business owners work in isolation at least part of the time whether you work in an office or from home.

No one succeeds by doing it all alone.

That’s where we come in. . .


Our collaborative ONLINE small business communities foster the sharing of resources to provide solutions for your business and support for YOU, the heart and soul behind the business!

We are a Peer Advisory and Accountability Organization focused on supporting Soulopreneurs - those seeking to align who they are with what they do as they build a business and live a life that resonates with their soul.

A Starshine Community provides Peer Advisory Groups (Soul Circles) and Accountability Partnerships (Soul Mates) to help you achieve your goals. Soul Circles are led by a trained facilitator, our own Mz Biz Wiz, to tap into the collective wisdom of the group to solve both personal and professional challenges.

Each Circle is limited to 8 members who have an opportunity to present a challenge and receive feedback from your peers who serve as a confidential think tank and sounding board.

We might be a match if: 

You are a STAR: Striving Towards Amazing Results in your business and your life.

You want to SHINE: You are passionate about your business and are willing to receive and Share Helpful Information, Networks and Experiences.

You are most likely a purpose-driven entrepreneurial spirit or corporate escapee. And you are probably pretty independent, used to juggling many hats and trying to figure things out on your own.

You’ve tried networking, but it can be exhausting and you might feel like you’re not connecting to people in a meaningful way. At Starshine, we are committed to helping you successfully launch, grow and manage your business and simplify your life.

Yes! There is a better way to succeed in your business.

If you are seeking to be authentic, aligned and abundant then we invite you to experience a Starshine Online Community!  Click here for membership information and to request a FREE Trial.

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Align Your Heart and Your Mind!

At Starshine Communities we offer a supportive, collaborative environment for small business owners with an emphasis on the health and well-being of both you and your company. We are a welcoming environment where we focus on building relationships, growing your business and taking care of you, the heart and soul behind the business.


Gain insight and guidance to help solve a business or personal challenge


Learn new ideas and practical how-to tips to market and manage your business


Feel enthusiastic about trying out new ways to grow personally and professionally


Why Join Starshine?

For those of us on the entrepreneurial journey, it can sometimes feel like we are all alone. Although we love the creativity behind starting our own business, it would be nice to have a place of belonging where we can receive solutions and support. To be surrounded by like-minded professionals who enjoy sharing resources and collaborating to ensure the success of each other's business.

At Starshine, we are collaborative versus competitive.

Wondering if Starshine is Right for YOU?

Solutions for Your Business - Support for YOU, the heart and soul behind the business!

"Great support, inspiration, and guidance for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs."

Linda Burridge, Charter Member
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