Who am I? What do I want? How am I going to get it? Who's there to support me? These are the questions many of us ask ourselves when striving to live a life of purpose and fulfillment. Although you are welcome to book ah-hoc SOUL Sessions, you can accelerate your results by working with me one-on-one to develop deeper insights and strategies for transformative growth. Our time together will focus on YOU and creating a roadmap that leads to your personal path of a happier and more meaningful life. Program sessions are available through zoom, on the phone or in-person and include uncovering profound insights through spiritual intuition and, upon request, I Ching, angel cards, wisdom cards, runes or pendulum work.

Which SOUL Coaching Program might be the right fit for you?. . . 

  • Discover Your SOUL Goal‚ĄĘ
    • If you've ever asked yourself, "Why am I here?" this program is designed to provide you with a tangible technique to identify the objective that aligns with your sense of self, own values, unique talents, and life's passion. Don't let the question of purpose linger ‚Äď join me and embark on a journey to uncover the why behind your existence.
  • ¬†Create Your Own Success Story
    • Embark on a transformative journey and unlock the keys to creating a life you truly love. This program invites you to define and outline your unique vision of personal success. Through guided exercises and reflective discussions,¬†you will gain clarity on¬†your aspirations, values, and goals.¬†
  • ¬†Money-Mindset-Marketing¬†
    • Thinking about starting your own business? Then you know the start-up process can be overwhelming and confusing. This Business Success Program will help you layout the groundwork and create your business plan to¬† launch a successful company.
  • Develop Your Happiness Blueprint
    • Discover the power of intentional living as we explore the steps to align your actions with your dreams. Whether you're seeking to start your own business, advance your career, or find personal fulfillment, this program will empower you to identify your next best steps toward the life you genuinely want to be living.
  • Passion + Purpose = Profit¬†
    • Unlock the secret formula to turn your passion into profit in this interactive program. While the mantra "Do what you love and the money will follow" is inspiring, this program goes beyond theory to reveal the missing links between your passion and financial success. Learn how to bridge the gap between love and money.¬†
  • CZ the Day! ‚Äď Achieve Your¬†Personal and Professional¬† Goals
    • This¬†transformative program is designed to empower you with proven, simple, yet highly effective strategies to break free from the confines of your comfort zone. Are you ready to embrace courage, take decisive action, and live life on your terms? Then this program is for you!

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"Susan is a trusted resource for me. She is an exception at listening, empathizing, and organizing my maze of thoughts into actionable bite-size steps. Whether evaluating career options, coaching on how to stay true to myself, or clarifying options I couldn't see, Susan provides the insights to give me perspective and alternative pivots toward achieving my goal. Susan brings her business acumen, her own hard-knocks experiences, and financial prowess to every situation I seek her guidance on, little is outside her range. For this career driven overachiever, Susan provides the approach I need - direct, sometime hard, yet exacting guidance."

Patty S, Senior Manager, Seattle, WA

"For business coaching that combines compassion and laser focused attention on her clients success, I highly recommend you hire Susan F. Moody, MzBizWiz. I've worked with Susan on many projects including writing a childrens book and launching a global movement. She coached me on the website design, marketing plans and so much more. Her business advice and intuitive suggestions were both spot on and helped me bring my projects into the world in the time frame we planned. Susan has a keen eye for taking the variety of ideas you have, and honing them into tangible action items. And shes fun to work with! Thank you Susan. I am grateful for your expertise."

ShaRon R, Founder, Non-Profit, Scottsale, AZ

"Susan has been a wonderful mentor to me. If I am struggling and I don't have a clear answer for myself, I know that she has a solid golden perspective that I would never have given any thought to. She is a true healer and problem solver with so much wisdom to give. I am so thankful she is in my life."

Cindy M, Peoria, AZ

"Susan is an experienced life coach with a natural gift to inspire, encourage and build confidence. Partnering with Susan is simple, fun, and incredibly productive. She has created a path that empowered me to make my business dream a reality! Her creativity and entrepreneurial mindset resulted in powerful networking and marketing strategies, giving my business a competitive edge. "

Darla M, RN-C, WHNP, President

"Susan is a great listener and easy to talk to. She sincerely cares, is super supportive and her warmth and positive outlook are inspiring. Susan is able to relate to wanting permanent solutions, not just temporary fixes. I feel like I can talk to her about anything and trust her intuition and guidance. "

Laura S, Virtual Assistant, Sedona, AZ

"I have been so fortunate to have Susan as my mentor and life coach. She has been the catalyst for me in my quest to find My SOUL Goal. Her calm demeanor is full of wisdom and grace. She is a skillful listener who offers her insight in the most supportive manner. More importantly, Susan demystifies the how to steps to make my newly crystalized vision a reality! She has been instrumental in inspiring me to create the path, provides the actionable timeline, and instills the confidence in me to stay the course. These are just a few of her talents! If you are seeking a life coach, whether personal or business, not only will she illuminate your hearts desire, but she will walk with you along the path to your personal success!"

Teresa D, Director of Facilities, Orange County, CA

"I am one of the fortunate souls who has not only benefitted from her extensive experience as a business coach but also had the opportunity to join forces with her on several initiatives. Not only is Susan an incredible and brilliant business woman, she has a huge heart and a passion for helping women to truly create a fulfilling life based on their individual meaning of success! In addition, at her prompting, I published a book and could not have executed that task without her. If you are even thinking about putting your story to print, Susan can help you organize and bring your words to life."

Leeanne G, Author-Motivational Speaker, Cave Creek, AZ