We believe that women are most successful when we collaborate, share resources and are genuinely happy to see each other succeed! 


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Starshine Communities Embraces the Way that Women do Business!

Membership may be right for you if you have a business to grow or a passion project to launch. If you are seeking to create genuine connections and surround yourself with positive, inspiring, like-minded business women who have your best interests at heart, we invite you to join our community - either in-person or online.

Wondering if a Starshine Membership is right for You?

Our members are women business owners who love working from home. But, let's face it, that can lead to isolation at least part of the time. And that's where we come in.

We offer a welcoming environment where you can focus on building relationships, growing your business and taking care of you, the woman behind the business.

You might be a great fit for Starshine if:

  1. You are a passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneur.
  2. You have developed your business model around your core values and what is important to you, not just to maximize profits.
  3. You know in your heart that you want to make a difference.
  4. You are a life-long learner and want to stay on top of your game.
  5. You value education, inspiration and collaboration.


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We are all about women helping women! Join a group of like-minded female entrepreneurs and experience first-hand the power of women working together. We are your personal advisory board!
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